Zoë Law

Zoë has been training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu under Sifu Marquis Lung for the past eight years, alongside her sister, Instructor Katie. Coming from a classically trained ballet and acting background, she always knew she would be more comfortable practicing punches rather than pirouettes. Zoë has previously been awarded Coach of the Year several times, as voted by the students of the Pinetree location, and enjoys utilizing her past experiences to create a safe and fun learning environment for students of all ages. Outside of kung fu, Zoë is currently a university student studying Behavioural Neuroscience and Biology. She also enjoys graphic designing, playing the piano, getting lost in a good story (through reading, movies, and video games – shh don’t tell Sifu), and spending time with her dog, Murphy.

Zoë understands how difficult it can be to have confidence in yourself and how easy it can be to compare yourself to others, so her number one priority is to make her students feel comfortable in their learning space while creating genuine connections. Initially being one of the very few female students, she hopes to see more young girls learn self-defence and feel confident in their abilities, exploring that kung fu teaches more than just physical strength, but mental strength as well.