*** NOTICE: the gym at Winslow is undergoing repairs. ***
We will be training in an alternate location.
Please call or text Sifu Lee if you’re unsure of where to go.


Traditional Kung Fu:
Mondays – 4:30pm
Thursdays – 4:30pm

The costs for each term are calculated on a per-class basis.
Since the number of classes vary depending on the term, please refer to the registration form for the cost of each term.

2019 Fall (Sep to Dec) Calendar
Registration Form

2020 Winter/Spring (Jan to Jun) Calendar
Registration Form

Adult Kung Fu:
Mondays – 6:15pm

Classes TBA Calendar
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Sifu Kevin Lee

Sifu Kevin Lee has been involved with martial arts all his life.   He started learning Eagle Claw kung fu at age 8.  Since then he has cross-trained in other...

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