Vicky Ma

Residence:  Burnaby, BC

Family:  Married with 3 children – 22, 20, 17

Training:  I took Wing Chun kung fu through the Chinese school I was attending when I was 10 years old and I loved it!  My mom enrolled me, hoping it would help me to control my quick temper (it did!).  I trained with Sifu Dunn Wah in Toronto until 1988.  University and starting a family brought a big gap in my training, but now with my children mostly grown and pursuing their own interests, I have been able to return to my childhood passion!  I have been learning Tai Chi from Sifu Marquis Lung since January 2010, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu since 2011.  What I love about Kung Fu is that you can always challenge yourself to improve – there is no ceiling! (And of course, the weapons forms are the stuff my childhood dreams were made of!)

Outside of Kung Fu, I Love to:  Hike, bike, canoe, read, play Scrabble, and learn new things!  I have also been volunteering at an inner city school in Burnaby for the last 11 years and love what the children teach me.

Passion:  My passion is helping others to be the best that they can be.  I believe every single person has unique strengths and abilities, and what they bring to everyone around them is invaluable.

Learning to:  Play the violin and ride the unicycle – not at the same time!