Monica Tran

What started as a way to keep fit and be healthy with my 3 children, training and teaching Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has become my new found passion. Under the training of Sifu Marquis Lung, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu has helped me to become stronger, more confident, outgoing, and focused. I love the physical and mental challenge of Kung Fu. Best of all, I believe in learning the skill for purpose of self defense.

My journey has come a long way, from trying out the class with my children, to becoming an instructor. In addition to teaching martial art, I regularly participate in performances and tournaments, and won numerous awards.

I love to inspire students of all ages and stages, male or female, that anything is possible, if you give it your best, try, and never give up. I believe that it is not your talent that will get you there but hard work & determination you will succeed.

I am the instructor at Douglas Park. I can be contacted at Phone number (604) 720-8535.